Whiplash and it's effects

Whiplash occurs when a person is hit with a force that violently whips the head, neck, and body backwards; forwards or side to side.  This is usually seen in automobile accidents and sports injuries.   There are a wide variety of symptoms starting from pain in the neck and back to severe migraine like headaches.  Injuries to the spine (the neck and back) are very serious and the symptoms can vary from person to person.  An injury to the neck can quickly turn into shoulder arm and even hand pain.  What happens is stretching and many times a tearing of the soft tissues, which include the muscle tendons and most importantly the nerves?  When the nerves are irritated or pinched they can cause severe pain, numbness, burning or the sensation of pins and needles along that nerve. 

The bad part is some people who have been injured in auto accidents sometimes don't feel anything for some time.  You see, our bodies have an amazing mechanism built in that hides pain and this mechanism of hiding pain allows us to work and go to school and go on with our busy lives until our body can't deal with the pain anymore.  Unfortunately at the same time our body is trying to help us not feel the pain the injured joints begin a process called spinal degeneration.  This is where the injured joints begin to break down and wear out much like the parts of your car without proper lubrication. I specialize in finding and fixing these hidden injuries!

Most doctors and hospitals aren't trained to effectively treat the affects of whiplash and injuries related to auto accidents.  The treatment of choice by most medical doctors is drug therapy, which almost always leaves the patient with continued pain and weaknesses in the spine. Many people suffer with headaches, back, and neck and shoulder pain for years after an accident.

Chiropractic has been proven to provide effective relief in a very short period of time for injuries associated with auto accidents.

When viewing an x-ray of the neck after a whiplash injury, there is most often a loss of the natural curve.  This curve in the neck is designed to absorb impact much like the shocks on our cars. When there is a loss of this curve and the neck straightens out there is always an increase of pressure on the joints, muscles and nerves in that area, which if left untreated, contributes too many different symptoms and health problems.